Liminalia is an ever-growing collection of character and landscape studies intended to accompany a young-adult novel of the same name, which I am currently writing. As the novel's focus is frequently on the importance of music, I was inspired to write pieces about the people and places the reader encounters, bringing added dimensions to the story. While a debt is most certainly owed to Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, it should be noted that the compositional style is quite different. It is my hope that people will listen to the music as they are reading the story, as well as on its own. All songs are available for free download.


Surrender To The Void is an expanding body of instrumentations inspired by the act of migration, both in the corporeal and metaphysical sense. Friends moving on, confronting imminent demise while circling a black hole, heading out on a lonely journey to explore the universe, the idea of malevolent evil so far gone that it seeks a dimension of pure malice, realizing the beauty in the finality of existence.

Many Layers Guide Light Many Miles  is a collection of my earliest music, made while attending the Atlanta College of Art. Sadly, it is all that survived multiple platform migrations and malfunctions over the years.  I was strongly inspired by artists such as Oval and Matmos and the aesthetics of musique concrète. Glesh and Flitch are each composed entirely of just a few notes played on an acoustic guitar, which were then manipulated in various, mid-90s sound programs. The New Environment is made from a cello sample by Lisa Dubroc, prepared piano, and firecrackers recorded at the Jim Rose Side Show Circus. It accompanied a video installation of the same name.